About us

A message from Oli, the founder of Commuterviews.com

I want to thank you for visiting our website today. Help our website initiative grow by adding a comment, a review or even uploading a short 60 second video to showcase journey highlights for the benefit of others.

I’ve always believed that speaking to locals is the best way to get informative insights when planning any journey or moving to a new area, although connecting with locals is sometimes a challenge.

This website seeks to facilitate this connection using the insights of locals. Through independent surveys and feedback, we also seek to track how commuter opinion is changing over time. Places and transport services evolve, but tracking this evolution requires both qualitative and quantitative techniques. 

As a researcher experienced in survey design, I launched this website to try to close some of these information gaps that exist. This is an initiative built during the COVID lockdown by a commuter for all commuters without outside influence or hidden agendas.

As a long suffering commuter myself, I felt there was a need for an independent commuter representative to start to collect regular opinion in a systematic way. After all, what can be measured can be monitored and hopefully improved over time.

How you can help this initiative…

Safeguards have been put in place to reduce rogue opinion and to collect objective and regular feedback via our UK Station Reviews and UK Rail Survey . We only ask for the bare minimum amount of information in order to be able to verify your details for authenticity. We ask our members to respect our terms and conditions ahead of posting any content to this site.

We’ve designed our feedback forms to take no longer than a minute to complete using tick box style inputs so 4 minutes of your time per year could help your local station appear in our national benchmarking report.

Any time you’ve noticed a prolonged decay in service delivery or an improvement in station amenities then please feel free to fill in the quarterly UK Rail Survey. We can only accept one response per user every 3 months.  

Our mission is to become the go-to commuter opinion & journey feedback website by helping commuters and travelers help themselves. We want to facilitate the sharing of local views about any journey, anywhere.

l want to invite all locals to share their knowledge, likes and dislikes about their daily commute or any journey A to B, to provide tips and gems of information for the benefit of others that travel in their wake.

If you want to take your feedback to the next level…

A key objective we have is to develop a global video library of short 60 second video commute & journey highlights for any mode of transit anywhere. When you are looking to move house in the future and want to get some insights to see what your commute might look like in reality, then think of us.

You can look at the station reviews, video library, or the Q&A journey forum to get some useful snippets from community members filtered by location. To see how opinion has been changing towards a given route in the period then our annual rail service benchmark report might be a go to resource.

As a registered commuter forum member you can post, follow, answer and upvote questions about any journey you might be contemplating for local feedback and tips.

If you would like to add a 60 second commute video to this website then please send your condensed route highlights to info@commuterviews.com

Within 48 hours we will review your video to seek to approve and add to our video library.

Our promise to you…

If you have any concerns prior to posting a comment or media clip on the site then please send me an email beginning (FAO Oli) and I will respond. We are open to ideas from all commuters, tech experts, creatives and smart people that can help implement our mission statement…

Commuterviews.com…..   Local views on any journey, anywhere.